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Redding, CT
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Baseball Coaches,
BGCRE baseball uses a league athletics website  .As other sports leagues in Redding, Fairfield County and around the country have found, the web site tools can greatly improve communication with coaches, players and parents. If you have a child who plays Lacrosse or Soccer in Redding you probably are already have some experience with this web software.
Spring schedules and rosters are uploaded to the web site from existing club records.The next step is to verify (and correct if necessary) the schedules and rosters for your team.
Your coach/manager password will be sent to you in a separate email. If you have already identified a team manager, and that person is listed as manager on the web site, we recommend you ask your team manager to do the verification.
As soon as possible, please go to the web site do the review requested below.Instructions of how to sign in and navigate the site are at the end of this email.
1) Review the coaches, assistant coaches and team manager listed above your teams roster.If you do not have a team manager, please recruit one and let us know who it will be.We recommend the team manager be given responsibility for communications, tracking schedule changes, and web site updates for the team.If you decide to handle the team manager responsibilities yourself, please let us know that as well.Please send an email to with additions or changes.
2) Review your teams roster of players, and send an email to with any questions or corrections.Very important, if the roster on the web site does not agree with the roster information you have received from your league commissioner, please let us know immediately.
3) Review your contact information (phone #s and email id).Anyone, including you, assistant coaches, managers, and players can update their own contact information by via edit my account tab on the lower lefthand side of the Baseball Main Menu.Managers also have the capability to update contact information for their team members.
4) Review your teams schedule please send an email to
with any questions or issues.
Thank you for taking the time to get the information correct upfront.


Instructions for signing in with coach/manager access:
  1. At the top of the BGCRE Home Page, select Baseball.
  2. Select Admin tab (near top)
  3. Enter your full name(first and last as listed on web site) and your password (sent in a separate email)
  4. Select Team tab (near top)
  5. Select Schedule ( on left-hand side)
  6. Select the appropriate league
  7. Select the appropriate Team name
  8. You should now be looking at the game schedule
  9. Next you can select Roster ( on left-hand side)
Note 1: The coaches and managers can add or change games, practices, scrimmages, and other events to the schedule and automatical notify the team of the addition or change via email thus saving the step of sending a separate email.
Note 2: The Bulletin functions is a more effective way of communication to the team than standard email.The bulletin can be automatically sent to the enter team but then stays on the web site so team members can reference you latest communications at the same time they check the schedule.For the manager/coach it also makes distribution lists easier because the email addresses are automatically picked up from the roster.TRY IT.