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Summary of Team Managers′ Responsibilities

Opening Day 2008

Here is a short list of Team Manager Responsibilities:


1)       Maintain the practice and game schedule on your team’s web page.  This is includes changes, adds and deletes.  The web site should be the most trusted source of schedule information so please update this first.  You can use the notification function to notify the team saving the step of writing an email if you wish.  Few notes on this-

a.       You may get some help rescheduling game rainouts from Matt as he usually tries to reschedule rain-out games in bulk.

b.      The club (Matt) reserves the right to take away a practice slot if needed to make up a canceled game.

c.       You need to check the master schedule to insure the field is available at the date/time you want before rescheduling or adding.  If the field is free, you can reserve the field by changing an existing game or practice to that date and time or adding a new event (add new game).  This includes the batting cages (there are 2 cages; each can be scheduled on the web). 

d.       You are free to schedule additional practices and games.  The batting cages are also scheduled online, adding a batting practice is a great way to get some additional practices in. Please keep in mind that there are other teams that may be looking to schedule practices as well, limit your practices to once a week. If you would like to schedule an additional practice, contact Carlos. 

f.        PLEASE DELETE ANY GAMES OR PRACTICES YOU ARE NOT GOING TO USE AS SOON AS YOU KNOW IT.  If you delete the event it will free up the field or batting cage for another team to reserve.  If you do not delete it or you wait to the day of to delete it, then another team cannot reserve it….. and that can be a waste/missed opportunity for other kids to practice or play. If you delete a game, pleae advise Matt so he can inform the umpires.

g.      While the intention is that team managers can do most of the scheduling themselves on the web, please don’t hesitate to ask Matt if you have questions or do not know how to do something

2)       For games with a non-Redding team, you should always confirm games with the opposing team in advance.  This applies for home or away.  Other towns (e.g. Wilton, Ridgefield and Brookfield do not use the rbgc web site and do not get our game reminders.)  Many hands went into preparing and loading the schedules in each town, and the schedules went through several versions.  Confirming directly with the other team is necessary to avoid unhappy situations. 

3)       Team Communications –  Team Managers and Coach’s need to keep their team informed on a timely basis.

a.       On the team Roster Page there is an option to send email to the entire team.  This can be better than using your own distribution list because the emails are sent to email ids the families designated in their member profiles, so families can keep it up to date without you having to maintain the distribution list.  (Families can update email ids via Edit My Account on the home page.  You can also make changes for them from the roster if a parent can’t figure it out themself)

b.      Under Bulletin – use Add Bulletin to email the team and have the message displayed on the team web page for easy reference by the players and parents.  Many families find this helpful and it acts as a reminder when they check the web.  (no more lost emails or needing to resend an email).  You can set expiration date so a specific bulletin no longer shows up on the web past a certain date (e.g. if the info is about a particular game you can have it expire the day after the game)

c.       The system sends automatic reminders the day before an event (game or practice), and 2 hours before the event.  If this upsets anyone, they are free to turn off reminders in their member profile via Edit My Account on the homepage.

d.      One additional “best practice” we’ve seen is that the manager also sends a single email on Sunday night commenting on the previous week’s results (usually an encouraging message and/or coaching point) and summarizes the coming week’s schedule.

e.       Again if you choose: changes, additions and deletions to events on the schedule will send an email and text message notification saving you the additional step of sending an email.

f.        Coaches can use the web site to communicate via Bulletin or email with the team using the same admin password. 

4)       Anything else you and the coach agree will help make the team run more smoothly, and free the coaches up to focus on coaching.  This could be arranging for parents to bring team snacks, communicating and tracking how many players are going to be at a game, anything else that comes up.

5)       The coach has the same system security privileges as the team manager, so he or she can always back-up the manager if the manager is not available.  If you are unsure how to do something, get stuck or otherwise need help, Matt is a great resource.